Meaco Case Studies

Rhiannon – life in a flat  

Rhiannon is in her early 20s and lives in a one bedroom flat in Cape Town where she settled after finishing her degree at the local university. Due to the size of the flat she only has room for a washing machine and dries her washing on a clothes horse and a couple of radiators.

In the autumn and winter Rhiannon finds that the windows on the north (colder) side of flat are running with moisture. As the months pass and the days become colder she finds it takes longer to dry the washing and she has to turn her radiators up higher and higher to try and warm the flat up.

When Rhiannon has friends round for a meal she finds that the kitchen drips with moisture and water starts to run down the walls.

She has tried to solve the problem by opening the windows but she does not like the cold draughts that blow through the rooms and she cannot leave the windows open when she is out at work or socialising.

Rhiannon bought a Meaco DD8L Junior, a desiccant dehumidifier with a laundry mode, and uses it with the clothes horse to dry her washing. She now finds that the flat feels a lot warmer without the need to turn the thermostat up high, the kitchen stays dry when she cooks and the windows no longer run with condensation every morning.


Kieran – loves his Aston Martin

Kieran keeps his pride and joy Aston Martin in his garage and lovingly keeps it maintained to a very high standard. Unfortunately whenever Kieran parks it in the garage after a winter’s run he finds that condensation forms on the cold metal and he is worried about rust. He has also noticed that some of the wood and the leather are showing signs of moisture damage.

He tried heating the garage to keep the relative humidity down but he found that this is a hit and miss solution and the energy bills were cost prohibitive. A friend told him that he had settled on using a desiccant dehumidifier, having previously tried a compressor dehumidifier and finding that the compressor machine gave disappointing results during a the winter.

Kieran saw that the Meaco desiccant dehumidifier had won best on test in an independent magazine test and agreed with his friend’s opinion that desiccant was more appropriate for his garage than a compressor dehumidifier.

Kieran bought a Meaco DD8L Junior which stands in a corner of the garage and drains the excess water away via the hose that came in the box out through a hole in a wall and waters his tomatoes plants outside. The dehumidifier maintains an even relative humidity in the garage and prevents condensation from forming on the car when he returns from a drive. The moisture damage to the leather and wood has stopped and Kieran now plans to restore those parts to their former glory safe in the knowledge that they will not deteriorate again.

The bonus of the desiccant technique is that it keeps the garage warm without the need for a secondary heater and Kieran’s heating bill has once more reduced.


Rhys – family life in a terrace house

Rhys lives with his wife and two young children in a large three bedroom detached house in Port Elizabeth. Thanks to an extension across the back of the house the family now have a tumble dryer which has removed the need to dry washing on radiators but washing is still occasionally dried on a clothes horse in the conservatory when the tumble dryer is full.

Two problems drove Rhys to call Meaco for in his search for a solution. The first was his oldest daughter’s allergy to dust mites which was triggering her asthma. She would be fine out of the house but would wake up each morning short of breath and reaching for her inhaler.

The second issue was the conservatory. The first summer using the conservatory was a joy but as winter came the conservatory became very cold and each morning would be dripping with water which was staining the blinds that had been installed to keep the conservatory cool in summer.

Rhys has read Meaco’s advice page on the link between dust mites and relative humidity so he knew that if he could keep the air drier then the dust mite’s rate of reproduction would slow down and there would be less dander in the air for his daughter to inhale and react to.

Rhys needed a dehumidifier that would solve the problem in the conservatory as well. We recommended the use of a Meaco DD8L desiccant dehumidifier because the conservatory would get cold at night and a desiccant will provide better performance at the lower temperatures.  He bought the DD8L rather than the Junior because of the benefit of the ioniser and the silver nano coating on the filter to help clean the air.

Since buying the dehumidifier the conservatory has been drier and warmer and the blinds are no longer being stained and most importantly Rhys’s daughter can wake up in her own bedroom without having to reach for her inhaler as the dust mite problem is now under control.