Meaco (U.K.) Limited

When Chris and Michelle Michael started Meaco in 1991 the aim was to specialise in monitoring and control equipment for museums and art galleries. To this end they built a range of products that included dehumidifiers, humidifiers, thermohygrographs, thermohygrometers and other museum orientated measurement instruments. In 1992 Meaco developed the world’s first radio based environmental monitoring system in conjunction with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This gave Meaco a much higher profile and over the next 10 years Meaco established itself as one of the most important suppliers of humidity monitoring and control equipment to museums across Europe.

In 1999 Meaco were approached by Mitsubishi Electric to become their sole distributor for their range of portable dehumidifiers in the U.K. This was the start of a successful relationship that continues to this day.

In 2005 Chris and Michelle sold the museum side of the business to   concentrate their efforts on the rapidly expanding internet sales of domestic dehumidifiers. In 2009 the expansion continued and Meaco became a manufacturer of dehumidifiers using the experience gained from working in museums and listening to customers to ensure that each and every dehumidifier not only solves a problem but will also improve the user’s quality of life.

In 2010 Meaco started to export to South Africa and we are developing our local presense in the market through our partner Solenco South Africa and visits from the UK to meet with the main dehumidifier resellers in South Africa.

Solenco South Africa

Solenco South Africa was founded in 2001 by Simon Brewer who has 30 years   in international trade experience. The establishment of the company came about from the demand from foreign firms investigating the possibility of entering South Africa which was seen as a developing market and a doorway into Africa, south of the Sahara. Solenco was very involved in doing market research for some of those companies.

In 2007, Solenco was approached by EHS International UK, to act as the   distributors for the Prem-I-Air brand of air conditioners. On the back   of that agency the product range increased to include heaters, evaporative coolers, blowers and dehumidifiers, all climate control products. Other companies who looked to Solenco for the distribution of their products include Chillchaser UK, Airtek/Honeywell Hong Kong, Duracom Hong Kong, Prem-I-Air UK and latterly Meaco (U.K.) Limited.

While a bulk of the trade is aimed at direct imports to retailers,  Solenco does hold stock of air conditioners and dehumidifiers for ex-stock sales.

Solenco has now established offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban.   The company also offers a full range of services, including marketing and sales, import and export consulting, logistics, and market research.