Welcome to the official home of the award winning range of Meaco dehumidifiers in South Africa. Meaco are British designers and manufacturers of dehumidifiers who are represented in South Africa by Solenco South Africa. The Meaco range of dehumidifiers have been developed using experience gained over 20 years of trading in humidity control not just for consumer applications but in the demanding world of museums and art galleries

In South Africa dehumidifier applications vary from keeping homes condensation and mould free in the winter (typical in the Western Cape), making the more humid summers of Durban less sticky, protecting boats, classic cars and caravans whilst not in use, helping to dry washing in apartments, keeping clothes and shoes mildew free, speeding up Biltong production, keeping gun safes rust free and drying out properties after a flood.

We have a network of dehumidifier experts available to deal with your enquiry across the whole of South Africa and are happy to put you in touch with someone local to you to help solve your damp problem. Meaco dehumidifiers offer a solution for every application and greater detail and thought than other dehumidifier manufacturers.

An excellent example of the extra detail that you get in a Meaco dehumidifier is the new control logic in the Meaco DD8L, Meaco DD8L Junior and the Meaco 20L dehumidifiers which all turn off when the target relative humidity has been reached and wake every 30 minutes to sample the air to ensure accurate dehumidification whilst saving up to 80% of the energy previously used.

Then you have the award winning Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier from the new Platinum Range that was given the highest score in a dehumidifier test by the British Consumer Charity Which.

Dehumidifiers have been in use for several decades and today there are two main types in general domestic and commercial use – compressor and desiccant.

For domestic applications the oldest technology and the most common type is the compressor dehumidifier.  These work by using a compressor and refrigerant to create a cold surface upon which the excess moisture in the air will condense.  The dehumidifier then warms the air to a couple of degrees warmer than room temperature delivering warm, dry air back to the room.

A desiccant dehumidifier does not have any refrigerant, or a compressor or any coiling coils at all. Instead it has a desiccant wheel, full of an absorbent material called Zeolite, which rotates slowly and as the room air comes into contact with the wheel the excess moisture is absorbed by the wheel.  The wheel is regenerated by a heater at the base of the heater and a heat exchanger separates the heat from the moisture.  The air delivered back to the room will be 10 – 12°C warmer than the room air.  This makes desiccant dehumidifiers popular in applications where the spaces are cold and extra warmth is useful.

For a more detailed look at the difference between compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers and which one to use for your application please click here.

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